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Our Partners:

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Chateau Recovery is a highly specialized residential treatment program designed to cater to the unique needs of first responders and veterans. The program is dedicated to providing treatment for substance use disorders and mental health issues, specifically addressing the underlying trauma that may be at the root of these problems. At Chateau Recovery, patients are not simply treated for their presenting issues; instead, the whole-health model is utilized to identify and address the underlying causes of the issues.


This approach involves using a variety of trauma treatment modalities, including EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Brainspotting, and neurofeedback. Through its comprehensive program, Chateau Recovery helps patients develop healthy tools and skills that allow them to create the best version of themselves and change their relationship with stress. The result is a highly effective treatment program that provides patients with the support they need to achieve lasting recovery and move forward towards a brighter future.


First Responder Trauma Counselors is dedicated to supporting the lives of professional and volunteer first responders, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMS pre-hospital transport personnel, emergency room staff, physicians, criminal justice service workers, park rangers, Colorado’s 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office staff, and their collective family members, by developing honest and empathetic peer support relationships across the 22 first response agencies we serve.  


They strongly believe in the importance and efficacy of community outreach and have created a regional peer support team model, whereby active first responders receive specialized training to respond to fellow first responders and first response agencies in crisis 24/7/365.  


They have united Northern Colorado’s tribe of first responders by creating a Regional Peer Support Team comprised of All Agency, All Badge, All Uniform, All Scrubs personnel. This is a network of over 100 culturally competent, trained peer supporters, all of whom have completed FRTC's proprietary 40-Hour National Peer Support Academy and are actively engaged in providing emergency services in Colorado’s Homeland Security Region 9.

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