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No One Fights Alone Podcast
with Brad Shepherd and Austin Pederson


Brad retired after 25 years from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol as a Captain and served in a variety of assignments.   Brad served in the non-profit wellness, peer support and training community nationally for 5 years before joining the Chateau Recovery team. 


Brad is an experienced presenter and instructor in a variety of disciplines as well as assisting in developing / implementing / delivering the training program for Chateau Recovery nationally to provide education on awareness, prevention and connection to trauma, mental health, and addiction.


Brad has faced his own challenges of trauma, mental health and addiction which motivates him to help others find the peace and joy they desire in their personal lives, their relationships, and their careers.  


Austin has been working in the substance abuse and mental health field for the last 6 years, after starting a journey on his own recovery path. He now focuses on working with individuals and their families to educate and support them as they begin their journey to wellness.


Austin’s greatest passion is helping bring healing to those that have suffered traumatic or stressful experiences.  Austin has joined the Chateau Recovery mission to advocate for the well being of the First Responders by connecting with agencies all across the US.  Austin created and co-hosts the “No One Fights Alone” podcast to continue to increase the conversations surrounding the difficult and often stigmatized topics of mental health and addiction. 

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